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Seaya: The First National Booking Service in Azerbaijan

In 2023, Azerbaijan witnessed the launch of its first domestic online real estate rental service, featuring Sea Breeze Resort. This service swiftly gained traction, effectively implementing and testing its technologies in a resort city. By summer, commenced its expansion across the entire rental market of the country. Now, it will be possible to instantly find and book properties in Baku and other picturesque destinations across Azerbaijan.

A dynamic Azerbaijani team, composed of local specialists and highly qualified personnel with global experience, developed this comprehensive solution for all participants in the hospitality sector. Drawing on the vast expertise of the Seaya team, they created a superior booking service that connects local properties with an international audience, catering to local requirements along the way.

In an era of rapid technological progress, where convenience and comfort are paramount, has introduced a fresh approach. The platform combines a centralised online booking system with a property management tool for both professionals and amateurs. Such innovation promises to transform the Azerbaijani hospitality sector, making travel easier and more reliable.

Aligning with global trends, aims to furnish guests and residents with a high-quality, user-friendly direct booking tool. For property owners, it provides an avenue to broaden their client base and efficiently oversee their properties and earnings.

The development team is actively integrating the entire country as part of its platform. Simultaneously, they are working on improvements and new technological solutions to elevate the national rental business to the next level. Their enthusiasm and commitment to excellence promise a bright future for tourism experiences in Azerbaijan. is where technology meets tradition, and quality becomes the standard.