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Imram Kriya: The path of the soul

What do we truly know about happiness? How to find ourselves amidst the vast realm of temptations and countless desires? During his visit to Baku,, Kriya Yogi Imram graced his disciples with profound wisdom and shared a conversation on God, love, karma, and much more with NARGIS Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief.

What is Kriya Yoga, and how does it differ from other forms of yoga?
It is universal cosmic knowledge. In Sanskrit, "Kriya" means action. When you prepare a delicious meal, you are not merely cooking; you are giving a part of yourself in creating beauty and great flavours. You are presenting a gift for those whom you feed. This process is a conscious act – you do it with your soul. That is when the mind and soul, or heart, together create beauty, which is a high form of action, and it has to be called "Kriya". Kriya, as a spiritual practice, is the foundation and the pinnacle of everything. This knowledge came into existence alongside the birth of the universe. It is the law of the Supreme, expressed through spiritual practice. It is the path that leads to God. Therefore, it is not different from other forms – in fact, it accommodates all systems, directions, and even all faiths.

How did you personally discover Kriya yoga?
Whenever I'm asked this question, I joke and say: "I never really left it". If we consider the concept of past incarnations, it seems for several lives in a row, I practised self-realisation methods. When I was born in this life, I had a clear understanding of who I am. Over time, I may have lost touch with it due to external distractions. But then, an inner calling, a powerful impulse, prompted me to remember my true nature. I embarked on a long-lasting spiritual path and reached a certain form.

How long did it take you to reach this level?
The timing depends on the sincerity of your intentions. If your intentions are truly sincere, you can achieve your goals in a minute. But for me, it took exactly as long as it needed to create the space for my work and achievements. This means that if I had reached my goals earlier, I wouldn't have had the space I have now. It's all thanks to the gradual awakening. Now, I have a space where I stay and work creatively, and it took me around 11 years to reach this point.

What privileges come to a person practising Kriya Yoga?
You attain cosmic consciousness and profound knowledge. The joy of possessing this knowledge is immense, and there is always something new to learn. If you make people around you happier, it must be a wonderful gift from destiny. Then, it enriches your own being.

We all desire happiness, but we don't understand its true nature. What is happiness for you?
Dedication to the divine, and a deep connection with the Most High, are paramount. All the prophets of this world, sheikhs, masters, and teachers – all are striving to bridge the gap between God and themselves. Achieving this closeness is an incredible gift and a source of profound happiness. For this, you have to self-improve, as there's no greater form of happiness. When one enjoys human, materialistic happiness, there is always the danger of losing it. The ultimate happiness comes from a state of trust, understanding the laws of existence, maintaining pure consciousness, and keeping an open heart to fully enjoy life. To achieve such happiness, you have to let go of your attachments because tying your identity to the physical world can lead to suffering. Right now, you are happy. Right now, you are free. And this "right now" should be your constant companion.

Is it possible for a person to have control over their mind and thoughts?
This is a task for every individual. It is not only possible but also necessary. When a person thinks he puts emotions into it, he creates new karma. Their thoughts shape who they become. Therefore, it's essential to use this tool of thought to help individuals realise their higher nature. The focus should always be on positive things, one should communicate only with good people and look only at good, beautiful things. The focus should always be on positive things, engaging with good-hearted people, and surrounding oneself with beauty and positivity. Then, the mind will be pure.

Where has Kriya yoga led you?
I know myself. I know who I am, and that is the purpose of life. There are three fundamental questions: Where do we originate? Who are we at this moment? And where do we go afterward? Until these questions are addressed, individuals will continue to experience suffering. Discovering our true selves is the purpose of life, and this self-realisation leads to absolute happiness. That happiness is incomparable. When you realise who you truly are, you comprehend that you will never cease to exist, that death is not the end for you, and that you are perpetually attuned to your nature. Moreover, you recognise that the laws governing the universe do not affect you in the same way as they do ordinary people.

How do you raise a conscious, happy person?
From the very beginning, a child should be provided with what makes him happy and the knowledge that will become his lifelong foundation. Up to the age of 7, children need to acquire the information that they will use for the rest of their lives. The upbringing they experience during this period, typically until the age of 7 or 9, is the way they will continue to live.

Does our karma and our actions affect the lives of our children?
Definitely. Consider a family with a father, mother, and child. They're all connected. The father and mother bring the child into existence. The soul is drawn based on the parents' vibrations. The parents anticipate the arrival of this child, and the child comes exactly as the parents deserve. And the child has the kind of parents necessary for their own development. Collectively, all together receive experience and must strive for spiritual elevation and transformation, continually gaining wisdom.

Is it right to form strong bonds with your children?
Children should be connected to God, to the Most High. To guide children toward Divine knowledge, to teach children to love the Most High in life is what is crucial. A child must be oriented to beauty, to goodness. You have a beautiful culture in Azerbaijan. You have the most exquisite music, which I appreciate as a musician. This harmony is genuinely reflected in life and consciousness, making your soul very pure and light. If children are raised in this environment, they will be the same. Society influences the child. Until one is on the spiritual path...

Can a person live a happy, fulfilling life without faith?
Faith is something you once knew but may not consciously remember. It's a feeling, a call of the soul – that's what faith is. For example, I don't remember someone, but I believe that this person is good, and for some reason I have this feeling. This feeling suggests a past connection. Those who are further along the spiritual path may not require faith, but at the initial stage, nurturing faith is important. The sooner and more deeply one nurtures faith, the better. In simple terms, faith is the path to enlightenment.

Mind or heart?
Heart. The mind serves as the instrument of the heart. When the mind aligns with the heart, it leads to our perfection.

How to distinguish love from passion?
There is a concept of unconditional love. It's quite simple. It's a pure form of love that doesn't demand anything in return. This love is closer to unconditional and Divine love. Maternal love is a great example of this – it's unconditional. If a person loves someone, he has to let go, not to bind or hold on to this person. And a loving person will never leave.

Who is God for you?
God is the state of joy, the highest realisation, and it is constant self-giving. God is the one who continually gives of Himself. He sustains the life of all living beings, offering absolute love, selflessness, and complete service – the highest form of grace. However, even with all these words, Divinity cannot be fully expressed. We attempt to comprehend who God is in some way, but it remains beyond the reach of language. It is something infinite, indescribable, yet, paradoxically, also simple. God can be found in your smile, your gaze, in what you feel and sense. It is what is always present and gives us life. Life through which we realise space and ourselves.

Does the Almighty need our faith?
The Almighty is self-sufficient, yet there is a part of Him that desires our love. His only wish may be to bring us absolute happiness. However, we frequently focus on the external world and overlook what is within. He resides within us, waiting for us to direct our attention inward. This deep prayer and meditation is what He awaits.

How do you explain when there is injustice or tragedy in the family? For example, when innocent children are affected...
It is very difficult to explain to people who have experienced such circumstances, but I often meet mothers and fathers who have lost their children. It's an incredibly tough and tragic situation. However, God offers these individuals an opportunity to focus on their personal development and life, moving forward. They must continue living and learn to accept what happens in their lives. God never punishes anyone – it is absolute love. This is how I perceive this issue. Nevertheless, we may end up punishing ourselves due to our actions in life, which can generate negative karma that we must eventually work through.

Revenge is good or bad?
Revenge is non-acceptance. The most powerful response to those who oppose you or wish you harm is to find success in your life, achieve high goals, experience spiritual growth, and get social recognition.

What is the purpose of austerity?
When a mother stays awake throughout the night, caring for her sick child, she sacrifices her own rest, dedicating herself to her child and showing love. Isn't this a form of asceticism? She forgoes her usual comforts, longing for sleep and the ability to do her tasks, yet she commits herself entirely to serving her child and her husband. This is the ultimate form of asceticism and service. Austerity holds significant importance, particularly for men, embodying a warrior's principle. It encompasses self-improvement, physical activities, hard work, and the provision for one’s family, cultivating inner strength.

How to save a marriage?
A family comprises seven distinct selves, each with its own personality, which need to come together in unity. A woman and a man must share a common goal. When they share a common purpose, their union will remain strong. And what unites them are love and respect. I have never been in favour of divorce. I always say, if you wish to part ways, you should hold no grudges against each other. In doing so, you can part on good terms. People often realise there's no need for divorce in such cases.

How do you see today's society?
I observe modern society, refraining from passing judgement because we should not impose our opinions on others. For me, all people are absolutely a manifestation of the Almighty. Therefore, any society that values creativity, seeks to preserve its culture, upholds human and family values is commendable. That's how I perceive society. To make society better, each of us can start by changing ourselves, which, in turn, will transform our surroundings and our aura, positively impacting the space around us. This is the most crucial aspect. Wherever you are, there will always be beauty. If you radiate beauty, and you indeed do, everyone around you will reflect that beauty.

Does every person need a Spiritual Mentor?
A spiritual guide, sheikh, teacher, or ustad plays a crucial role in the initial stage, assisting you in finding your true self. After reaching that point, you can maintain a connection with your inner teacher by continuing to love and respect your mentor. The goal of spiritual practice is to achieve unity with the higher self, the supreme guru, the teacher that you ultimately discover within yourself. Meditation and prayer serve as the paths to achieving this state.

How do you feel about mantras?
Mantras represent the first language that conveys the vibrations enabling individuals to perceive Divinity. Mantras are not a religion, but a combination of special vibrations with a powerful spiritual force. These unique combinations of vibrations offer the means to access distinct spiritual experiences. I view mantras as the work of the Almighty.

Is it possible to develop a sixth sense?
Even the seventh. We were talking about faith, faith in what remains unseen – this is intuition, the sixth sense. Women, especially mothers, tend to have highly developed intuition. When a person meditates, clears their mind, and learns to connect with their heart and soul, they begin to experience intuition. Establishing a connection with the soul is important. However, when you combine this intuitive connection with personal experiences and knowledge, your intuition, complemented by wisdom, transforms into a heightened sense of understanding – this is the seventh sense.

Do you believe in the evil eye?
I know it exists. I've had to assist many individuals dealing with issues like curse, the evil eye, and so on. However, I don't consider myself a healer, and I don't engage in traditional healing practices. Instead, I help people awaken their spiritual qualities, which, like spiritual forces, can remove the negative effects. Low-frequency vibrations tend to attach to a low-frequency mindset. Those with high vibrational energies are less susceptible to curses, as the powerful high-frequency energy burns away negativity.

I know all that, but I don't know how. Maybe it's from a previous life... Does time exist?
Yes, time does exist. In our three-dimensional space, time is a fundamental dimension, and it's incredibly important. When we meditate, we can manipulate time. I often demonstrate during seminars how time can be stretched, making 20 minutes feel like 3 hours, and vice versa. People are always amazed by this and wonder how it works. We essentially change the way our brains perceive time. The principles of Kriya Yoga and its universality are closely tied to cosmic processes. In these cosmic processes, there is a purity of vibration and waves. We can compress or stretch these frequencies, raise or lower them, and this, in turn, allows us to influence our lives. To give you an example, since I have so many responsibilities and not enough time, I once asked God for 36 hours a day, and He granted my request. Time is our friend, but it is also our enemy. Respect time.

How does your day go?
It takes place in constant awareness, and this awareness can be summed up as "I am." Every event that unfolds in this moment is regarded as a precious gift. It's a constant meditation, an unbroken sense of unity with the Supreme. I may engage in activities, socialise, or simply be still, but I remain in a perpetual state of the presence of the Most High. In this state, one can accomplish anything.

What did you feel when you landed in Baku?
The culture of Azerbaijan. Not because I am here and it is necessary to say so. I have deep respect for this culture. I often perceive my life in terms of colours, and when I think of Azerbaijan, I envision a radiant, beautiful, golden hue. To me, this colour represents sunshine, beauty, and development within the culture. Therefore, I extend my wishes for joy, happiness, prosperity, and, most importantly, self-awareness to all Azerbaijanis.

What message would you like to convey to the readers of NARGIS Magazine?
I would like people to remember the five core human values: the pursuit of truth, fulfilling one's duty, seeking unconditional love and expressing it, finding inner peace and tranquillity, and engaging in creative creation and non-violence, both in thought and action. Let go of anything that hinders your ability to live and experience joy, come together, and contribute to making the world a better place. Your country, your people, and your nation should serve as a shining example to others around the world. By upholding these values, we can bring about harmony, love, and peace.