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Love, Nargis: Nurai Fest

The Nurai Fest music festival in the UAE was held this year for the first time and was organized in just three weeks – we couldn't miss it. The next Travel blog Love, Nargis traveler, Jamila Salam went to Nurai's "Island of Millionaires": for two days she experienced all the hardships of luxurious vacation on the white sands of Arab Maldives, rode the fastest American roller coaster in the world at Ferrari Park and honestly documented everything that happened.

The team of PASHA Travel, which knows no unpredictable trips was constantly in touch – they knew in advance all details of the festival, which no one has visited before. Azercell roaming switched on automatically – and the quality of communication was not affected by the distance of thousands of kilometers. And thanks to PASHA Bank the trip avoided unpleasant surprises: after all on Nurai Island, as it turned out, dollars are not in honor. Pay with local currency or plastic card only! About how it was – in a new issue of Travel blog by Nargis!

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