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Романтика не всегда означает любовь, а любовь не всегда сопровождается романтикой

In any relationship, love is way more important than romance. Love is spiritual, a connection, a commitment – it’s fully accepting each other and helping each other to become better every day. Love is working on yourself, it’s caring about each other even when there's nothing to gain, trusting, being faithful love – it’s a noble promise made to each other and keeping that promise. If someone thinks, "My partner doesn’t love me because he’s not romantic," or "My partner doesn't love me because he doesn’t surprise me," "My partner doesn't love me because he doesn’t write poems,” you better not think this way – such beliefs will put you on the wrong road, as these actions don't demonstrate nor prove the love and devotion of the partner. We all have dark and light within us. Love means working on yourself daily to make the right decisions – love is choosing the light within you every morning when you wake up and make your dark thoughts fade. Love is never causing pain to your loved one. To love is to never do bad — this is my vision of a true romance.